Cases Studies and Downloads

The contents on this page describes selected programs or other opuses along with illustration snapshots and download links as well.

Anesthesia Syringe Labels PDF Form

An example of being an office hero. This PDF form has a date field. After clicking on it and moving the focus away from it the today date is automatically populated. See the snapshot below:

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Anesthesia Syringe Labels PDF Forms Opener Switchboard - installation EXE file

This single task program, plays a role as a switchboard, presently with three buttons. It opens either General Anesthesia Labels or OB Anesthesia Labels or Cardiac Anesthesia Labels inside a PDF form file by triggering your default PDF Viewer.

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Medical Questionnaire Form

Another example of being an office hero. Saving this PDF form on the shared drive with PDF-X-Change Viewer (free) can accomplish a creation of primitive electronic records.

Share Drive Mapper - single EXE file

Time-saving single EXE file, which facilitates mapping to the Share Drive. A single task app that require the following:

  1. Type your credentials
  2. Enter or click on the button to map and open the Share Folder.

EZ-Record Changer Wizard - installation EXE file

This single task program, plays a role in venue changing of CompuRecord EZ-Record stations. It accomodates seamless location changing and also it is a EZ-Record app starter. The CR Insight app will display properly the venue regardless of which workstation is used.

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